Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book 2: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Can I tell you how much I did NOT think I would like this book? The truth is that it is a bit slow to s tart, but at the end one can appreciate that the "slow" part is the author helping us feel "ownership" as the characters develop. The premise is that a young single Mom starts a knitting shop as a way to raise her daughter. We meet a variety of people along the way as people exit the "anonymity" of big city life, by coming into an informal group of women knitting at Walker and Daughter on Friday nights. Not a fav, not a bust. Yes, I'm guessing that I'll read number 2 which has just been published. 2 down, 50 books to go by the end of this year. I'm guessing that this will be an resolution that I can keep!

Coming up next: what curriculum should Michele pick for next year? Will she be brave enough to pull her kid from CS? Wait and see on.......... Candy Floss and Farrie Cakes!

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